Why You Need a Disclaimer for Your Podcast

Written by Wesley Henderson

April 29, 2023

When preparing all the legal documents you need for your podcast, don’t forget the disclaimer language form. Some people might overlook this essential part of running your podcast, convinced that they already know their target audience and understand what they like and know. However, having podcast disclaimers is important for any podcaster, regardless of who your audience is or how well you know them.

In this post, we discuss everything you need to know about podcast disclaimers, where to put them, and provide some examples you can use to craft yours. Let’s take a look at how this legal statement can protect your show and help you avoid costly legal expenses.

What Are Podcast Disclaimers?

Also known as disclaimer language forms, podcast disclaimers are legal statements that inform listeners of any risks they must consider when listening to your show. Disclaimers also cover topics such as copyright infringement, intellectual property rights, and privacy policies.

As a showrunner, you could invite guests over to give advice. Podcast disclaimers can include language specifying that the guest’s views do not necessarily reflect that of the host or management.

Similarly, some podcast hosts might be licensed professionals in their field, offering advice on their specialty. Suppose you are listening to a therapy podcast. Disclaimer language forms would ensure that listeners understand that their advice is not meant to replace input from a licensed therapist in their area.

Where To Put Podcast Disclaimers

Most podcasters place their disclaimers in the show notes or at the beginning of each episode. Some hosts remind their audiences about their disclaimers by reciting them in the middle of the show, usually when the podcast lasts for hours and when they are recording live. Essentially, podcast disclaimers should be easily visible and accessible to anyone listening to the show.

In addition, showrunners could place a link in the show notes that directs listeners to the full disclaimer language form. This way, they can access the document if they need more information about podcast disclaimers and the terms of service you have outlined.

Podcast Disclaimer Examples

Below, we have provided a few common examples of podcast disclaimers you can include for your show.

  • This podcast is for informational purposes only and should not be considered legal [health, tax, profession] advice.
  • We are not responsible for any losses, damages, or liabilities that may arise from the use of this podcast.
  • This podcast is not intended to replace professional medical advice.
  • The views expressed in this podcast may not be those of the host or the management.

Get Started: Equip Your Production With a Fully-prepared Podcast Disclaimer

Podcast disclaimers are an essential legal document that all showrunners must include in their production. They protect you from any liabilities and inform your listeners of any potential risks they could encounter when listening to your show.

Although we’ve provided an idea of what your podcast disclaimer can look like, your podcast language form is only one of the many legal documents you need to run a show.

Consider investing in a complete bundle of legal templates for podcasters to ensure your success.


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