Sparking Social Media Magic: A Guide for Creative Business Posts

Written by Wesley Henderson

December 9, 2023

image of lighbulb taking off to show ideas and creativity

Are you stuck in the content creation doldrums, desperately searching for that burst of inspiration to elevate your social media game? You’ve just stumbled upon the ultimate guide to breathe life into your online presence! At Drafted Legal, we understand the struggle, and we’re here to inject creativity into your marketing strategy with content ideas for social media.

Behind-the-Scenes Peeks

Behind-the-scenes peeks are vital for your social media strategy, providing an insider’s look into your company’s operations or events. Examples of behind-the-scenes content could be a bakery sharing time-lapse videos of a decorated cake or a software company posting images of their developers coding the next feature.

Behind-the-scenes content helps humanize your company, creating an emotional connection with your audience by offering an authentic, unfiltered view of your brand. Moreover, the content creates a sense of inclusivity, making your audience feel part of your brand’s journey.

User-Generated Content

User-generated content (UGC) is any form of content users post on online platforms. A fashion brand could encourage customers to share photos of themselves wearing the brand’s clothes with a specific hashtag, or a travel agency might run a contest where customers post pictures of their trips booked through the agency.

UGC is influential because it leverages the authenticity and diversity of real-life customer experiences. These content ideas for social media can also help fill your content calendar, saving you time and resources while keeping your social media channels fresh and engaging!

Educational Content

Educational content could include tips, tutorials, how-to guides, infographics, and webinars. A skincare company, for example, could share a step-by-step guide on cleaning and moisturizing the skin. At the same time, a fitness brand might post-workout routines or health tips to inspire its followers to lead a healthier lifestyle.

These posts add value to your followers by providing them with information they can apply in their lives, positioning your brand as an authority in your field, helping build trust and credibility.

Celebrate Special Days

Celebrating special days could include traditional holidays, unique observances, or even fun, unofficial holidays! Celebratory content ideas for social media resonate with audiences because they’re timely and relatable — plus they can also provide opportunities for creative and humorous posts that entertain your audience and highlight your brand’s personality.

Influencer Collaborations

Influencers have already built a solid following, so they can transfer trust and rapport to your brand when they advocate for your products or services. These content ideas for social media not only increase brand awareness but can also boost engagement and conversions. Influencers provide fresh perspectives and creative ideas, further enriching your content strategy. Incorporating influencer collaborations into your content calendar can provide a steady stream of unique content!

The Takeaway

In the vast world of social media, creativity is the key to capturing attention. By infusing the above inspiration into your content, you can transform your business’s online presence!

At Drafted Legal, we understand the value of creativity and the necessity of a rock-solid legal foundation for your business. After all, legal matters are the backbone of success in entrepreneurship.  Grab your legal checklist here.


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