The Legal Bundle

Small Business Legal Documents

“I own a small business, but am I running it legally?”
Do you want…
A solid legal foundation for your business?
To do it without hiring an expensive lawyer?
You can get both, right here.
Legal templates and online training you need to protect yourself legally, and be legit, for a small fraction of the cost of a lawyer, so you have the freedom to focus on making your business thrive.
You want to do everything yourself, right?
I get it. You are an entrepreneur.
By nature you want to be in control, keep your costs down, and also set yourself up for success. You need clear and deliberate agreements that look around the corner, with clauses that hold up in court. You want to get it right legally, without any bad surprises, so you can be free to grow and enjoy your business.
Start your business with the right legal documents.

Businesspeople holding legal documents signed to protect their business and themselves.

image of entrepreneur behind laptop

Entrepreneurs get concerned about some legal requirements.

Does any of this worry you?
  • People stealing your ideas
  • Hiring an assistant
  • Getting paid by clients
  • Public liability
  • Being sued for – anything
  • Being legal without using a lawyer

What if there was a way to protect your business with legal templates that are so personal to you, it’s like having your own attorney at a fraction of the price?

Documents created by an actual practicing business attorney who understands everything you are going through, as well as the challenges you haven’t come across yet.

You’ll look professional, and be protected legally. Plus, here is my personal message to you – When you reach the next stage of your business, I would love to welcome you as a client, knowing you have your legal foundations in place.

The Legal Bundle

Are you ready to get your new or existing business up and running, the legal way? With step-by-step video instructions from me, a successful business lawyer. (BTW, you can implement most of this stuff on your 1st day!)

We have created legal documents for you online. Downloadable, easy to complete templates, so you can get back to running your business. We’ll help you set up your new or existing enterprise, the legal way. Protect and personalize your business without hiring an expensive lawyer.

image of video instruction for templates

Small business legal documents are accessible online, with video instruction.

“I wish I had Drafted Legal years ago. Their payment clauses have been magic. They also taught me how to pick a legal business name and many more business and legal tricks of the trade that have saved me thousands of dollars overall. Wesley made it so easy to understand, so I could easily take action on his information.”
– Daniel R.
“I felt overwhelmed by all the legalities of my business; however, you put my mind at ease. The information was very interesting and practical with action steps. You are so personable and friendly…I thoroughly enjoyed and learned so much. Thank you.”
– Mary Dixon
“Drafted is a game-changer. It’s not only a comprehensive legal tool kit for entrepreneurs, but it’s also easy to use.”
– Hunter White, Owner of Ink Farms

Small Business Legal Bundle Contents

This is what you get –

10 Legal Templates –

Written by me, Wesley, a business attorney. Plus, you will have a video guide, from me, with each template.

Video Tutorials –

Step-by-step videos for you to watch while you fill in the templates, with guidance from me.

Business Law 101 Course –

6 video modules consisting of 21 lessons that teach entrepreneurs how to set up and run a business, legally. You’ll learn everything from legal concepts to what to do when you find yourself in a dispute with a client or with other businesses.

Educational Tools and Guides –

Along with delivering the necessary contracts, we have created a unique suite of educational tools, including videos and guides, to teach entrepreneurs exactly what they need to succeed.

Free Updates –

If the templates need to be updated, you get these, including future law changes. Completely free.

Lifetime Access –

You get unlimited access to the whole bundle, including your templates, with no extra cost. NOTE – this may change for future purchases, but for you it is for life.

Access to me, Wesley –

Exclusive access to me, via email. Ask me anything about your business, any time.

Monthly Newsletter –

Keeping you up-to-date with all the new law changes, and anything else you need to know to make your business run smoother.
My grandfather preached to find what you love to do and be the best you can at it.
image of Wesley E Henderson

Wesley started Drafted Legal to help small businesss owners.

Education   Wofford College, 2007, Magna Cum Laude University of South Carolina, J.D., 2010, JB Ness Scholarship Recipient  Community & Honors  40 Under 40, Class of 2021, Business Journal Leadership in Law, 2020 Award Winner, South Carolina Lawyers Weekly Driving for Downs, A South Carolina Nonprofit Corporation, Founder, Chairman Salvation Army, Advisory Board Member


Business Owners, Like You
Small businesses are the heartbeat of all communities, and I am passionate about guiding them to success. Working every day as a business attorney in a successful family owned boutique law firm gives me a unique perspective on start-ups and small businesses that larger companies and non-practicing lawyers just can’t get.

As Personal As You Can Get
The templates are extensive and personally written by me, with all the details carefully crafted to cover everything you will need right now, as well as challenges you have not yet discovered.

We Want You to Succeed
When you reach the next stage of your business, we would love to welcome you as a client, knowing you have your legal foundations in place. Much of the work we do today is to cover people who went down the wrong path at the start – here is your chance to get on the right path with me now.

Who is Drafted Legal for?

– Small business owners – Entrepreneurs – Freelancers

If you are searching for a purposeful business that gives you freedom of time and money, then Drafted Legal is for you.

If you aren’t ready to spend thousands on hiring a lawyer but you still want a comprehensive legal approach that gives you peace of mind, the Small Business Legal Documents Bundle is for you.

Pay in full $997

The Legal Bundle Includes:
1. 1-1 Client Agreement
($279 value)
2. Independent Contractor
($279 value)
3. Employment Agreement
($279 value)
4. Non-Disclosure Agreement
($134 value)
5. Sponsorship Agreement
($279 value)
6. General Waiver
($129 value)
7. General Disclaimer
($129 value)
8. Terms of Use
($279 value)
9. Privacy Policy
($279 value)
10. Cease and Desist Letter
($134 value)
BONUS- Business Law 101 Course ($495 value)
Total – $2,695 (value)
PLUS – 10 Walk-through videos

Pay in full