You've got contracts and protected Your IP, Great JOB. But there's more…

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Congrats! There’s nothing better than owning a business. It can be fulfilling, rewarding, and also an avenue to true financial and time freedom. There’s few things better than a new-found sense of freedom which will improve your life.

Legally, you must protect yourself. But you don’t need an expensive lawyer to do it. Make sure you understand what you need and the most economical way to do it.

Legal Analysis

Every small business needs to address three main legal buckets: LLC, contracts, and IP. Based on the results of your quiz, there are a few easy steps you need to take to protect your business properly.

Legal Wins: Contracts, IP


Great job with your agreements. Setting expectations with your clients makes for a better relationship and also some favorable positions.

Great job protecting your business by using IP.

Make sure that if your brand is valuable, you have a trademark for your business name. This will help with similar businesses and also copycats to make sure you, and you alone, capture the value of your business.

Legal Needs: LLC

Not having an LLC can expose you to personal liability meaning you are personally responsible for any debt, injury, cost, or even liability that flows from your business. But, the good news is that you can personally avoid this.

Action Steps: Get Legally Protected

Register your LLC here

Our agreements have been held up in court, and that’s what you need.

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