Operating Agreement for LLC

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For use with single or multi-member LLCs, the operating agreement comes with a video explanation and a workbook to help you and your business partners make important decisions.

This legal document will do a good job on a budget. Once your LLC is filed, who owns what is really important. Getting it in writing is a great start.

Be clear on ownership and basic understandings of your business. Often 90% of the time two parties think the deal is different to what it actually is. Document the business’s purpose. If you are working with someone else this operating agreement for LLC handles the big decisions in a clear and concise way.


Operating Agreement for LLC, what’s covered:

Purpose of the Business

This clearly defines your activities and why you are operating as a business. Even if it is just you on your own this document is important to complete.

No State Law Partnership

Here you define what your company is or is not for instance a partnership or limited or a joint venture.

Decision Making

Knowing who has a vote on decisions and setting standards for instance majority vote is how you will move forward in your day to day activities is important to document.

Capital Contribution

Even if it is just you on your own it is advisable to have an operating agreement.

Profit and Loss Allocation

How you distribute the allocation and percentages are critical to your business.


In this operating template you can document the agreement made by all members. This affects the cash flow and proceeds, and distribution.

Other Topics

Intellectual property, limitation of liability, indemnification and much more is covered here. An easy form for you to understand your total liability as a business owner.

LLC Operating Agreement FAQs

Can any lawyer look over this before it is signed?

Yes this is a template and has been written by a business LLC attorney, you are welcome to show someone to review this form for you if you wish.

Is it hard to fill out?

All our templates come with instructions to guide you in the process of completing the document correctly. We are here to help you if required.

Please contact Henderson & Henderson if you have any questions.