Legal Templates For Podcasters

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Podcasting With Drafted Legal Templates Bundle

Congrats on your Podcast! It’s an exciting endeavor.

Make sure your Podcast is professional and protected with our legal templates for podcasters bundle that includes the forms you need to run your business.

Let Drafted Legal walk you through the business process, provide documents, and train you to execute your business strategy. With Drafted Legal, you will receive lawyer drafted documents for a fraction of the cost of hiring a law firm.

Below are the frequently asked questions related to podcasters looking for legal protection, and a description of the documents included in our legal templates for podcasts bundle.


Hosting a podcast is exciting!

Craft your angle, hone your interview skills, name your podcast, sign up guests, and you’re on your way.

Is that it? No, of course not. Hosting a podcast takes a lot of work.

It also requires a little bit of legal savviness to make sure you’re protected.

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Our forms bundle contains all of Drafted Legal templates for podcasters, complete with video instructions.


Legal Templates For Podcasters FAQs

Can you use the recording and video however you want? Can your guest?
Use a guest release form to make sure you have all the rights to use the recording (both audio and video) however you want.

Can your guest change their mind and force you to remove it?
Not if you have a good guest release form that provides you have the permission to use the episode.

Do you need to have disclaimers? What if someone follows the advice and it backfires?
It’s important to have disclaimer language so that your audience cannot implement generic advice and blame you or your guest for it not working out for them. Your information is obviously designed to be helpful or otherwise entertain but you need to protect yourself with disclaimer language so that you’re not held liable for how others choose to use it.

Should you have an advertiser agreement or just use theirs?
This can be a judgment call. The bigger your audience, the more leverage you have but it’s always good to understand the advertisers agreement.

Learn about this and other best practices as Wesley Henderson walks you through all of the agreements, how to use them, and other tips to set yourself up for success.
Focus on building your podcast and not worrying about the what-ifs of legal.

Podcast Templates Bundle Content


Guest Release Form

This document is for you to set the terms of your ability to use a podcast recording any way you want. A guest release form addresses rights of privacy and other intellectual property matters. This form will give you the permission you need to publish, edit, make show notes, or use any other way that can help with your business.

Advertiser Agreement Form

This document is between the podcast host and another business that wants to advertise on your podcast. These agreements can be quite detailed including the payments, ad placements, and other important clauses that would allow you to pull out of the agreement (for example, if the submitted ad was not consistent with your business).

Affiliate Agreement Form

This would outline your agreement as an affiliate for someone else. Rather than someone paying you for an ad placement like the advertiser agreement, this agreement will outline your terms with a business that you are an affiliate for. Not all podcasts will need these but if you run a website that gets a lot of traffic, you may decide to take advantage of affiliate opportunities.

Disclaimer Language Form

This will include generic disclaimer language so that your audience knows what to expect of you. Obviously, nothing on your podcast is customized to a single audience member, so you want that clearly stated. This language is easily tailored to your industry. It’s designed to protect you from liability.

Independent Contractor Agreement Form

This document is a great template to use with anyone that you hire (other than as an employee). An independent contractor agreement will protect you from that person misappropriating your work product and also set clear terms of the relationship as to payment and deliverables. This is a good one to use with anyone from a social media manager to a web designer to an audio editor.

Insider Tips

And a video from Wesley Henderson, Esq. explaining the dos and don’ts of podcast law.

Use Drafted Legal to make sure it’s done right.

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