Legal Templates For Photographers

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Using Our Photography Templates Bundle

As a photographer, your skill is setting the stage and capturing the moment, let Drafted Legal help spend more of your time honing your craft and less time handling disputes and miscommunications with your clients.

We have a prepackaged set of legal templates that you can use as needed to protect your business. Don’t get bogged down googling around about legal jargon; instead, use our customizable forms to help your business thrive.

Our photography bundle includes seven legal documents you need to protect your business and personal assets. With it, you will receive the best practices and legal tips straight from award winning (and full time practicing) attorney, Wesley Henderson. For those who want to take an even deeper dive, you’ll have pdfs available with explanation for each clause in your agreements. You can spend minutes (or hours if you really want to understand the ins and outs). It has everything you’ll need at your pace own pace. You can’t replace the peace of mind Drafted Legal will give you with documents customized specifically for photographers. Don’t waste your time with automated online legal services and instead get true peace of mind with attorney-drafted templates.


Your connection and relationship with your client is parament in being able to truly reach them and change their lives for the better. This responsability requires careful attention and maintenance. Our legal templates for photographers establish the proper professional relationship and require you to look around the corner and address (or more importantly, prevent) would-be frustrations or even disputes so that you and your client can focus solely on the tasks at hand. Wesley Henderson, Esq is a corporate attorney for business from multi-million dollars to business coaches. He has carefully curated and drafted your document bundle tailored specifically for photographers. This means there is no more guessing about what legal documents you do and don’t need. Everything you need is in the photography bundle and laid out for you in an easy to implement manner. Not only will you get each form you need, but it will be accompanied with a video by Wesley Henderson explaining the clauses as well as a pdf with instructions.

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Our forms bundle contains all of Drafted Legal templates for photographers, complete with video instructions.


Legal Templates For Photographers FAQs

Who owns the photos I take?
You do, unless you transfer them to your client. Many photographers want to transfer these upon payment (since that’s what they are paying for) but you want to be intentional about who owns this.

Can I use my photos in my portfolio?
Yes if you have the correct clause providing you with permission.

What if my clients don’t pay?
This is all about setting yourself up for success. You not only want smart policies but also some back up provisions just in case they don’t pay. That policy is a prevailing party clause (often referred to as an attorneys fees clause). This, along with a late fee policy, gives you leverage to you…if you need it. It’s invaluable if you need to apply a little bit of pressure to make sure you get paid.

Will these agreements work for family photos and landscape photos?
Yes, this will work for any commissioned photos with a client.

Photography Templates Bundle Content


Photographer Agreement Form

This outlines the terms of your agreement with your clients. It has everything from pricing to ownership of documents.

Model Release Form

You need to get a release from anyone in your photos. This simple and easy to understand agreement has exactly what you need to have peace of mind that you can use any photo you take.

Independent Contractor Agreement Form

This document can be used with second shooters or even with other members of your team. It explains what they can expect from you and you of them.

Privacy Policy Form

This form is compliant with privacy laws and needs to be posted on your website (along with your terms of use). It does require your attention but is a good starting place.

Terms of Use Form

These documents set the rules for anyone using your website. In it, there are things like liability limitations, dispute resolution outlines, and DMCA compliance.

Employment Agreement Form

If you hire another photographer or employee, you’ll use this agreement to set out the terms.

Nondisclosure Agreement Form

You may not need this one as often but it’s useful to have ready and available to protect confidential information as needed. You would use this if you are working with or contracting with a third party and you are required to disclose information you want to protect. Of course, your other agreements above include similar provisions of your clients, contractors, and employees. This document would be used in other situations not covered by those above.

Legal Templates For Photographers Benefits


  • Ensure great relationships with your clients and contractors with clear expectations from the outset.
  • Utilize drafted’s strategic payment structure that is designed to find the right clients and ensure you get paid. Plus it includes clauses that provide effective protocols in the event they don’t pay.
  • Clarity is your secret weapon when it comes to building reputation and avoiding disputes. These agreements set the stage in a fair and easy to understand way what will deter anyone from veering from your agreement.
  • Show off your professionalism. There’s a saying that how you do one thing is how you do everything. Show your client right out of the gate how seriously you take your craft. Using the Business Consulting Templates will present a detailed, professional, and fair presentation to your clients.