Legal Templates For Marketers

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Marketing With Drafted Legal Templates Bundle

Marketing firms need more than generic legal forms. Business marketers bring unique skills to the table, so your legal framework should reflect the nuances of the industry. Drafted Legal templates for marketers are tailored for your business marketing needs. You will not only get an agreement for your clients but six other crucial forms you need, including website terms, NDAs, and more!

We created Drafted Legal so you can move beyond generic automated online documents. Instead, protect yourself with agreements made for marketers…and agreements that actually hold up in court.

Professionalism is the hallmark of your business, and ours. With our legal templates for marketers, you’ll be prepared with professionally drafted legal documents, so you can focus on your market. Our marketing bundle is designed to set your relationship with clients on the path to success, while preventing future problems. Wesley Henderson, Esq is a corporate lawyer who started his law firm helping entrepreneurs like you (and like him) get their businesses off the ground. He has carefully curated and drafted your bundle specifically for marketers – no more guessing about what forms you do and don’t need. The marketing templates bundle provides an easy-to-implement plan. Not only will marketers get each legal documents they need, but it will be accompanied by a video by Wesley explaining the process, as well as a pdf with instructions.


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Our marketing bundle contains all of Drafted Legal templates for marketers, complete with video instructions.

Legal Templates For Marketers FAQs

What do I do when a client doesn’t pay me? Can I recover late fees if a client fails to pay me?
It’s important to have smart policies in place to encourage both a good relationship with your client but also an avenue to recover if they need some nudging. We typically recommend some payment up front with your agreement being back by a prevailing party clause.

What’s the way to handle termination policies?
This can vary based on your personal preferences. Some people like to make it easy for either party to terminate and some people like to be sure they can get paid for several more months as expected. The latter requires careful writing to make sure it’s enforceable.

What’s the best way to avoid a problem with clients?
Prevent it. We like to start clients off with the right expectations. This avoids a massive amount of disputes. This way you will know if a client is a right fit for your process before you even get started.

How do I protect my content and strategies for marketing?
Your best route to protect your work from clients will be in your agreement with them. Include smart clauses that make sure they do not have permission to reuse or misappropriate your work.

Can I protect my team of contractors and/or employees from getting poached?
Great question and an important one as your company grows. You may have an employee or independent contractor working primarily on a project with a client. For example, you may have your videographer that you use or SEO specialist talk directly with the client. Here is where you want to prevent your company from being cut out of the relationship by using a nonsolicitation clause. It’s a simple and enforceable clause that just states that clients will not solicit to hire your contractors or employees.

What will my clients think if I ask them to sign an agreement?
That you’re a professional that does everything from design to business top notch. People are not offended by agreements; instead, it speaks to your professionalism.

Marketing Legal Templates Bundle Content

Client Agreement Form

Use this form with your clients. This agreement sets out payment, client responsibilities, limits your liabilities, provides protocols, and provides you recourse in the event you need (e.g. to collect payment).

Independent Contractor Agreements Form

If you need to utilize another marketer or third party for your business, these templates will be useful. Here, we will set the expectations with your contractor and also protect your business by ensuring your contractor cannot poach a client of yours.

Privacy Policy Form

This website form is compliant with privacy laws and needs to be posted on your site (along with your terms of use). It does require your attention but is a good starting place.

Terms of Use Form

These terms of use set the rules for anyone using your website. In it, there are things like liability limitations, dispute resolution outlines, and DMCA compliance.

Employment Agreement Form

If you hire another marketer or assistant as an employee, you’ll need an agreement to set the terms but also protect your business interests.

Nondisclosure Agreement Form

You may not need this one as often but it’s useful to have ready and available to protect confidential information as needed. You would use this if you are working with or contracting with a third party and you are required to disclose information you want to protect. Of course, your other agreements above include similar provisions of your clients, contractors, and employees. This document would be used in other situations not covered by those above.

Legal Templates For Marketers Benefits

  • Improve relationship with your client
  • The payment structure is strategically designed to encourage payment compliance and provide recourse options for those clients that don’t pay.
  • Clear and fair agreements but also with provisions that see around the corners and favorably position your business in the event there is a dispute.
  • Show off your professionalism. There’s a saying that how you do one thing is how you do everything.
  • Show your client right out of the gate how seriously you take your craft. Using Drafted Legal marketing templates will present a detailed, professional, and fair presentation to your clients.