Legal Templates For Interior Designers

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Designing With Drafted Legal Templates Bundle

You design, we’ll help with the rest. Drafted Legal team has created specific forms and helpful resources specifically for interior designers. Don’t let the minutia of legal documents slow your creative flow, let us help.

Drafted Legal provides top-notch templates and educational material for decorators, so that you can focus on customer care and creative design. If you need a partnership agreement, vendor agreements, and contracts, we’ve got you covered with our suite interior designer templates.


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Be legally protected, when designing interiors, with Drafted Legal templates for designers and decorators.

Interior Designers Templates Bundle Content


Design Agreement Form

You will use this legal document with your clients. This design agreement sets out payment, client responsibilities, limits your liabilities, and provides you recourse in the event you need (e.g. to collect payment).

Independent Contractor Agreement Form

If you need to utilize another designers or third party for your designing business, these legal templates will be useful. Here, we will set the expectations with your contractor and also protect your business by ensuring your contractor cannot poach a client of yours.

Employment Agreement Form

If you hire another designer or assistant as an employee, you’ll need this legal form to set the terms but also protect your business interests.

Privacy Policy Form

This legal document is compliant with privacy laws and needs to be posted on your website (along with your terms of use). It does require your attention but is a good starting place.

Terms of Use Form

These set the rules for anyone using your website. In it, there are things like liability limitations, dispute resolution outlines, and DMCA compliance.

Nondisclosure Agreement Form

You may not need this document as often but it’s useful to have it ready and available to protect confidential information as needed. You would use this form if you are working with or contracting with a third party and you are required to disclose information you want to protect. Of course, your other agreements above include similar provisions of your clients, contractors, and employees. This information would be used in other situations not covered by those above.

Legal Templates For Interior Designers Benefits

  • Our design agreement templates improve relationship with your clients by helping you see around corners and clarify thing before they happen
  • The payment structure is designed to increase the ease and consistency of payment (and it provides backup clauses in case they don’t pay you).
  • You’ll prevent your employees and client from being poached.
  • You’ll save time on headaches and expenses by preventing disputes before they happen.
  • You’ll present a professional business from the beginning of your relationship with the client.

Your connection and relationship with your client is parament in being able to truly reach them and design the room or house of their dreams. This relationship requires careful attention and maintenance. Drafted Legal templates establish the proper professional relationship and require you to look around the corner and address (or more importantly, prevent) would-be frustrations or even disputes so that you and your client can focus solely on the tasks at hand. Wesley Henderson, Esq is a corporate attorney who started his law firm helping business owners like you (and like him) get their businesses off the ground on a budget. He has carefully curated and drafted your document bundle tailored specifically for interior designers. This means there is no more guessing about what legal documents you should be using. Everything you need is in the Interior Design Templates and laid out for you in an easy-to-implement manner. Not only will you get each legal form that you need, but it will be accompanied by a video by Wesley Henderson explaining the clauses as well as a pdf with instructions.

Legal Templates For Interior Designers FAQs

What’s the best payment structure?
We always recommend that you get some payment up front no matter what your framework is. This helps sort through paying and nonpaying clients. You also want to back up any payment structure with a prevailing party clause. This means you can recover any attorneys fees if you have to enforce payment. This is a very practical clause that could save you thousands of dollars.

Can someone steal my designs? And how can I protect it?
This is a difficult thing to protect; however, you best bet is to try to do so in your interior designing agreement with the client.

What will my clients think if I ask them to sign an agreement?
Your clients will be impressed! It will show them that you’re a business professional. Using legal forms not only sends the right message but also has a bonus of setting you and your client up with a relationship that can win – when you know what to expect of the other party, it can prevent misunderstandings.