Legal Templates For Influencers

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Using Our Influencer Templates Bundle

As an influencer, you’re creating content that inspires and moves your audience. You curate content on a daily basis in posts, stories, and videos that connects to your audience.

In doing so, you’re creating a business. And one that needs to be protected. Drafted Legal will provide you with lawyer drafted documents for a fraction of the cost of hiring a law firm.

Below are the frequently asked questions related to influencers looking for legal protection, and a description of the documents included in our legal templates for people who influence others.


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Our forms bundle contains all of Drafted Legal templates for influencers, complete with video instructions.


Legal Templates For Influencers FAQs

How do I protect my content (and keep people from stealing from me)?
You should start with the proper copyright notice on all of your content. See the bottom of this page and follow that format.

Do I need agreements when I start to monetize?
Yes. You should have agreements with your advertisers or collaborators any time money is involved.

How do I protect my brand and its name?
Your brand is everything as an influencer. Whether it’s your name, a logo, or a clever handle, you need to protect it. Trademarking is how you protect your brand name. You should first make sure it’s available. Then you should consider trademarking it to make sure no one else can use your name.

Do I need to disclose my advertisers?
First, congrats on having advertisers. Second, yes, you do need to disclose this. It not only builds trust with your audience but it’s also required.

What if I want to cancel a contract with an advertiser because they are not good for my audience?
It’s important that you have clauses in your agreement that give you discretion to cancel a contract. You may have an advertiser that no longer aligns with your brand and/or values and you need to have the flexibility to cancel that without significant penalty. We includes these clauses in our templates.

How do I protect my audience?
This is a great question and also depends on your platform. We always recommend a strategy that involves collecting email addresses because Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, and all the others are continually changing so you want to make sure you are building a business that doesn’t solely rely on their platform. Collecting email addresses is a great way to make sure you can always reach your audience.

For more easy to follow tips to stay compliant as an influencer, read Following the Law: A Social Media Influencers Guide to Staying Compliant.


Influencer Templates Bundle Content


Advertiser Agreement Form

This document is what you will have your advertisers. It allows you to set the terms of your agreement. It also includes those cancel terms discussed above.

Independent Contractor Agreement Form

This is what you will use with anything that you hire for your business whether it’s a content creator or third party service.

Employee Agreement Form

This template is what you need if you hire someone on as an employee including a part time assistant.

Terms and Conditions Form

If you are running a website, use this form to make sure you have covered yourself legally and protected your content.

Privacy Policy Form

This document is also for your website to make sure you are compliant with privacy laws and also communicating to your audience what you will and won’t do with their information.

Best Practices Guide

You will also have access to an informative video from practicing attorney Wesley Henderson that explains in plain language what influencers need to know about running their business and protecting your brand and everything in between.