Legal Templates For Health & Wellness Coaches

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Coaching and Training Using Drafted Legal Templates Bundle

Maintaining health and fitness requires knowledge, determination, and focus. The same is true for your legal preparation and protection. Let us help with your legal documents, so you can focus on personalizing your clients’ training.

Drafted Legal templates for personal trainers and health coaches will help give you peace of mind because they were created by actual lawyers. Moreover, our legal documents (fitness and waiver forms, agreements, and more) are highly customizable to fit your specific exercizing and training needs.


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Be legally protected, when coaching exercise and workout, with Drafted Legal templates for personal trainers.

Personal Trainers and Health Coaches Bundle Content


Waiver Form

An important legal document asking the customer to waive his or her right to sue you in the unlikely event of an injury. It’s essentially an acknowledgement by the customer that he or she is assuming the risk of injury by participating in a health or fitness training, even when it is personalized.

Fitness Agreement Form

This is a contract between a personal trainer and the customer. It outlines what you are agreeing to do and what your trainee agrees to do, such as payment terms, cancelation policy, and the type of performance planned, personalized.

Terms of Use Form

These are the terms web visitors agree to when they come to your site.

Privacy Policy Form

This legal notice lets visitors to your website know your privacy settings.

Employment Agreement Form

This legal form is a contract between the company and the employee.

Independent Contractor Agreement Form

The contract between the personal trainer / health coach and the people who may work for him/her.

Nondisclosure Agreement Form

You may not need this document as often but it’s useful to have it ready and available to protect confidential information as needed. You would use this form if you are working with or contracting with a third party and you are required to disclose information you want to protect. Of course, your other agreements above include similar provisions of your clients, contractors, and employees. This information would be used in other situations not covered by those above.

Note: Knowing the difference between employee and independent contractor can be tricky. Fortunately, we provide legal documents for both, along with ways to help you understand the difference.

Legal Templates for Personal Trainers and Health Coaches FAQs

Do I need a contract with my customers?
Yes. Our personal trainer and health coach templates provide all the legal language and details you need for success. The contract also provides the perfect place to write the terms of your training agreement – the when, what, where, and why of your terms. Where else can you explain things like late payment penalties or how rescheduling works?

What makes Drafted Legal different from other websites?
Our online platform was created by lawyers and each package is curated with the industry in mind. Other web legal resources try to make one-size fits all documents that leave gaps. That’s not how we work – we make legal documents, contracts, and agreements specifically for your industry. And if something doesn’t fit all your needs, just contact us.

Is Drafted Legal easy to use?
Yes. Our process is simple and and totally personalizable – spend minutes or hours depending on your needs. You’ll have the legal tools you need at your fingertips whenever you need it. And if you have a question, we’re happy to answer it or point you in the right direction.

What’s included?
All the basic terms and agreements are included in each form. Drafted legal attorneys have created the personal trainers and health coaches templates so they are understandable. Additionally, we offer articles, checklists, and videos if you want to learn more about your legal needs.