Legal Templates For Events

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Planning Events With Drafted Legal Templates Bundle

Managing events requires careful attention in your agreements because of all of the moving parts. Our legal templates for events management and planning have all you need to protect yourself. What if a pandemic happens – who owes what? What if the event cancels – who owes what?

This Drafted Legal forms bundle address all of the situations you need to allocate the risk of loss. You will receive six legal documents along with video and pdf explanations of each and every clause to plan, manage and protect your event business.


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Our forms bundle contains all of Drafted Legal templates for events, complete with video instructions.


Events Management Templates Bundle Content

Whether you’re planning a corporate event, birthday party, or backyard birthday bash, it’s vital that your client sees how detailed you are from the beginning. Our legal templates for events management and planning will show them how professional you are. Not only that, but it will set the stage for a stress-free relationship (well, as stress-free as an event can be).

Event Planning Agreement Form

This document is to be used with your clients to set your relationship up for success. This will detail things from payment to event dates and details to what happens if the event is canceled.

Employment Agreement Form

If you hire a part time or full-time employee, use this form to address basic notices and protect your events management business. This will make sure you are clear with your employee about ownership of work product, pay day, and other important disclosures.

Independent Contractor Agreement Form

This is what you will use with independent contractors such as photographers or an assistant that you plan to use for an event. This will clarify payments and ownership of work product and also protect your business from having a client hire your contractors directly.

Terms of Use Form

This policy is for your website. It’s important that you are protecting one of your valuable assets online. These terms will protect your site and its content and your events business.

Privacy Policy

This is a compliance measure if you collect data from web visitors. It protects you and informs your audience what you will and won’t do with the data.

Non-Disclosure Agreement Form

This document is here for you as needed. If you are working with someone who will see the secrets of your business but they haven’t signed one of the agreements above, then have them sign this. We’ll explain more on this on the inside!

Video with Best Practices

Better yet, you even will receive access to a short video by practicing attorney, Wesley Henderson, about the dos and don’t of running a business and specific guidance for event managers to make sure you are compliant and protecting your business.

Legal Templates For Events FAQs

What happens if an event is cancelled?
This is where you need the recently famed (thanks to covid) force majeure clause comes in to play. You should not only not be held liable for things that are beyond your control but you also should not be left with the tab. If you’ve already done the work, you should still be in a position to be compensated.

Do I really need an event agreement with my contractors?
Yes, you do. They can be simple but you need to be clear with them as to payments and also what happens if the event fails.

Can I use pictures from the event for marketing?
Only if you have an agreement state that you can. It’s a simple clause that will give you this permission but you need to get it so that you have a license to use photos of the event in your marketing.

What will my clients think when I send them a planned event agreement?
That you’re a professional. They will sign it if they will be good clients. These agreements are fair and they will help set you up for good relationships with your clients.

Can I have them esign the agreement?
Yes you can.