Independent Contractor Agreement

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Protect your business. Prevent poaching of your clients. Be professional.

Independent Contractor Agreement to use any time you hire a third party that isn’t an employee. Use this independent contractor agreement with anyone you work with that provides services to your business or your client.


You Don’t Have Time for Legal Problems


As an attorneyI’ve seen too many clients who come to me with legal problems that could have been prevented. They have been sued, lost money, or even lost their entire businesses because they didn’t have the most basic legal agreements in place to:

  • outline expectations and responsibilities
  • make it clear how disagreements would be settled between parties (better yet, avoid them altogether by having this document in place)
  • limit their liabilities when things go wrong
  • protect them from frivolous online claims

If they had just had the most elementary documents in place they would have suffered less and preserved more of what they had worked so hard to build.

That’s why we created the Drafted Legal collection of legal templatesWe want to help business owners just like you get up and running the right way so you can build your business and get more clients without worrying about what might go wrong or dealing with the mess when it does.

We’re here to make sure you get started out right!

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