Health & Fitness Legal Bundle

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Training Your Fitness Classes With Drafted Legal Templates Bundle

These legal documents are ideal for instructors and trainers running group exercise fitness classes, a gym or studio, crossfit, or other group-oriented good condition training.

Included with Drafted Legal templates bundle are customer contracts, injury waivers, collections notices, and general contracts.

Professionally prepared contracts will help fitness instructors start their relationship with their workout class attendees on the right footing, while also protecting trainers and their personal assets in the event something goes wrong.


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Be legally protected, when training a group exercise class, with Drafted Legal templates for fitness instructors and trainers.

Fitness Classes Instructor Bundle Content


Fitness Agreement Form

This legal document outlines what instructors agree to do and what the client agrees to do, such as payment terms, cancelation policy, and the type of performance expected. It is a contract between the fitness trainer and the fitness trainee.

Waiver Form

It’s mainly an acknowledgement by the exercise attendee that he or she is assuming the risk of injury by attending group fitness programs. This legal document asks your client to waive his or her right to sue you in the event of an injury.

Independent Contractor Agreement Form

A contract between the instructors, trainers and the people who may work for them.

Employment Agreement Form

This legal form is a contract between the business (gym, studio owner)and the employee.

Terms of Use for Website

Outlines what your visitors agree to when they spend time on your website.

Privacy Policy for Website

Inform your visitors about your privacy settings by using this legal notice.

Legal Templates for Fitness Instructors and Trainers FAQs

Do I need special language in my contracts?
If you have ever wondered if your agreements need “special language,” wonder no more. These legal templates have all the fitness industry specific language you need for success. When fitness instructors teach group exercise classes, they need confidence, dedication, and focus. There is no room for uncertainty when training the mind and body. The same is true for your gym legal documents.

What happens if someone get injured?
The purpose of legal agreements is clarity. Here, the clarity needs to be written that injuries can occur, that you are not a physician, and that fitness trainees assume the risk that they are taking. John Henderson, a co-found of Drafted Legal company, recently completed an Ironman, so we understand that injury is part of the risk of pushing your body. There are obviously smart ways to do this, but you want to make sure that you are protected and not blamed for someone’s injuries.

Can I understand what’s in the documents?
Our attorneys have created the legal templates for fitness classes so they are understandable. On top of that, we’ve made many legal resources available if you want to better understand your needs.

Why use Drafted Legal?
Because contracts matter. Customers, sponsors, licensing agencies, employees, landlords, and everyone else need to understand the rules of the game. Contracts simply spell out the promises you and your partners make. They also help avoid ambiguities that might cause problems later. By taking care of business on the front end, you never have to worry about costly misunderstandings later.

Is it hard to use?
No, you’ll have the legal tools available whenever you need them. Our process is easy to use and totally customizable. We’re happy to answer any question or point you in the right direction when you ask.