Coaching Legal Bundle

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Coaching With Drafted Legal Templates Bundle

A business coach is a unique relationship. You’re one part mentor, one part friend, one part advisory… well, you are many things. The bond between a professional coach and his or her client is paramount. It requires clarity and trust. We understand the dynamics of these relations so that you can spell out terms in a fair way that is clearly communicated to your client. This will property set the expectations you should have so that you and your client can focus on growth rather than the rules of the relationship.

Drafted Legal coaching templates include seven forms that all coaches need in order to establish a clear, easy to follow association with their clients (and also with clauses to protect you if needed). Our checklist helps you download, organize, and keep track of your documents and your training.


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Drafted Legal templates for coaches bundle contains all needed documents along with the instructions.


Legal Templates For Coaches FAQs

What should I do if a client doesn’t show up for a session?
It’s important to spell out your rules ahead of time. As long as you set expectations early, this will go smoothly. For example, a business coach could charge a client for any sessions cancelled within 24 hours of the scheduled session. Of course, you can extend mercy if there’s a good reason at your discretion. Our legal templates for coaches prescribe a policy that will set you up for success.

What if my client reuses my material?
You want to include protective clauses in your business coaching agreement with your clients just to make crystal clear that they cannot reuse or misappropriate your work product for someone else. In other words, no copycats allowed.

What’s the best policy for payment?
You must be clear about your fees and policies. We recommend that you get some payment up front and then include provisions to provide leverage in case someone does not pay (i.e. late fees and prevailing party clause). Ideally, a professional coach never runs into payment problems. To do that, you should make sure you are setting yourself up for success by working with good clients and being clear about payments and policies on the front end.


Business Coach Templates Bundle Content

When you invest in the Drafted Legal templates for coaches bundle, you get immediate access to all of the documents you need to protect your coaching business in both your online and offline relationships, including:

Business Coaching Agreement Form

You will use this document with every client coached.

Independent Contractor Agreement – Coaching Services Form

This is what you will use with coaches you may hire to coach for you as you grow your business.

Independent Contractor Agreement – Business Services Form

This template is what you need to use with anyone you hire to help support the administrative and marketing side of your business.

Privacy Policy Form

If you run a website, this form is required by law.

Terms of Use Form

This document is also for your website to govern what visitors may and may not do or expect and to protect the content you publish.

Employment Agreement Form

You will use this with employees when you need people to show up at the times and places you specify, whether online or offline.

Non-Disclosure Agreement Form

To ensure that the people who are helping your build your coaching business or the clients who participate in your programs don’t share, reveal, or steal the content you use to work with them.