Podcast Collaboration Agreement

Written by Wesley Henderson

December 8, 2022

Podcasts have been gaining a lot of popularity in recent years. Collaborations with influencers, celebrities, or other podcast hosts can help bring more attention to your podcast. But before you start working with someone else, it’s important to have a podcast collaboration agreement.

That being said, let’s talk about what a podcast collaboration agreement is, why podcast hosts require a podcast collaboration agreement, what should be in it, and the things you need to consider when making one.

What Is a Podcast Collaboration Agreement?

A podcast collaboration agreement is a legal document that binds two podcast hosts together. It outlines the responsibilities and rights of each podcast host, including topics to be discussed, length of appearances, any payment for services rendered, and more. It’s like a joint venture agreement. You are partnering with another podcast host or other business somehow and want to be clear on your terms.

In a nutshell, it sets the roles and responsibilities of the host and the podcast guest, making it easier to understand each other’s expectations. Just like in any other partnership, whether on a business level or not, having a collaboration agreement helps protect both parties from any issues that may arise.

Why Do Podcast Hosts Need a Podcast Collaboration Agreement?

A podcast collaboration agreement is important for podcast hosts who collaborate with guests on their podcasts. It serves as an assurance that both podcast hosts will fulfill their responsibilities and adhere to the agreement they have both agreed upon.

Having a podcast collaboration agreement also helps avoid any misunderstandings and legal issues that could arise should something go wrong. It allows podcast hosts to protect their work, since podcast collaboration agreements include an intellectual property clause that states who owns the podcast content and how it can be used by either party.

In the social media world, cancellations can happen in the blink of an eye. One day, your podcast guest could have hundreds of thousands of followers, and the next day, they could be completely gone. Having a podcast collaboration agreement in place helps protect you in these cases and helps to ensure that neither party is at a disadvantage.

What Should Be in a Podcast Collaboration Agreement?

To give you a better understanding of podcast collaboration agreements, here are the basic items that should be included in one:

A podcast collaboration agreement should include the following key elements:

  • Name and contact information of podcast hosts: It is important to include each podcast host’s full name and contact information in the agreement. This will help ensure that both parties have easy access to one another and can easily resolve any issues that may occur.
  • Topics to be discussed on the podcast: This section will state what topics will be discussed on the podcast and how long each host has to talk about them.
  • Fees for services rendered: This section should include any fees for services rendered by either party. This could include appearance fees, speaking fees, or other types of payments.
  • Payment terms and conditions: Revenue split, commission, payment schedule, and other details should be outlined in the agreement.
  • Ownership rights: A clause should be included in the agreement that states who will own any intellectual property and how it can be used by either party. The termination clause as well as the confidentiality clause should also be included in the agreement in case either party fails to adhere to the agreement.

In addition to these key elements, podcast collaboration agreements should also include any other items that podcast hosts deem necessary.

How to Draft a Podcast Collaboration Agreement

If you’re looking to create a podcast collaboration agreement, there are several things to consider. You should first find an experienced and reputable attorney who specializes in podcast agreements to help you draft the document. You can either set up a consultation with the attorney or have them review the document for any errors.

Once you’re ready to draft your agreement, make sure that all items listed above are included in the document. Additionally, make sure to add any other details that may be relevant to your specific situation. This can be anything from the type of platform to be used for the podcast, any restrictions or limitations on content, or even guidelines regarding advertising.

Finally, make sure to include a dispute resolution clause in the agreement. This will help ensure that any disputes are settled quickly and fairly and are under the jurisdiction of the laws in your state to avoid any legal issues.

Where to Get Your Podcast Collaboration Agreement

Because these can be highly detailed and nuanced, we recommend that you hire an attorney if you can afford one. Try Henderson & Henderson as they are experienced with online business law, podcasts, and a host of business matters.

You could also use the legal templates for podcasters for templates and you may be able to use the Advertiser Agreement template depending on the relationship. This bundle also includes a Guest Release Form, Disclaimer Language Form, and more.

Contact us today to decide what’s best for you!


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