Why Drafted Legal Offers Templates Bundles

Written by Wesley Henderson

June 29, 2021

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Looking for Legal Templates for Your Business?

We’ve Got You Covered!

Welcome to Drafted Legal!

“The Smartest DIY Legal Choice for Small Business Owners”

If you’ve landed here you’re either starting up and business and looking to do it right, with the legal protection you deserve, OR…

You’ve been in business for a while and want to get all the right legal protections in place (before something goes wrong).

Whatever brings you here…

Congratulations on taking the first step toward getting your business set up with the legal protection needed to fortify and protect your interests and assets.

While it can be tempting to do business based on a handshake, operating without signed legal agreements between you and your clients or between you and contractors you hire can lead to misunderstandings, delayed or unfinished work, and bad feelings.

You’re in business because you want to help people and do good in the world…not spend time and waste energy over disagreements.

You Don’t Have Time for Legal Problems

As an attorney, I’ve seen too many clients who come to me with legal problems that could have been prevented. They have been sued, lost money, or even lost their entire businesses because they didn’t have the most basic legal agreements in place to:

outline expectations and responsibilities
make it clear how disagreements would be settled between parties
limit their liabilities when things go wrong
protect them from frivolous online claims

If they had just had the most elementary documents in place they would have suffered less and preserved more of what they had worked so hard to build.

That’s why we created the Drafted Legal collection of legal templates. We want to help business owners just like you get up and running the right way so you can build your business and get more clients without worrying about what might go wrong or dealing with the mess when it does.

We’re here to make sure you get started out right!

It is our honor to partner with you in setting your business up for success.

BUT we know you have options, so let’s talk about what you’re looking for and why Drafted Legal may be the BEST solution for you!

What Makes Drafted Legal Different?

Right now, you may be looking for just one basic document.

Maybe you’re looking for an agreement to use with your clients.

But what about your website?

These days-because everyone is operating online and often across multiple states-it’s in your best interest to invest in legal Terms of Use and Privacy language to be included in your website as well.

And what about growth? What about your FUTURE?

Drafted Legal Templates are Designed to Meet Your Business Needs As You Grow

What if you decide to hire additional coaches, designers, contractors, etc to help you grow your business?

Or hire a virtual assistant, graphic designer, or social media manager?

How will you establish “official” agreements with them to ensure that they deliver the services you will be paying them for?

Do you really want to go hunting for the right legal documents over and over and OVER again?

And how do you even decide what the “right” documents are anyway?

We want to take the decision-making stress and time-wasting out of your DIY legal efforts by giving you everything you need in one package.

Don’t Settle for Just One Piece of the Legal Puzzle!

At Drafted Legal, we don’t just want to hand you one piece of the legal puzzle and hope you can put it all together by yourself.

We’ve crafted a bundle of legal documents based on the situational needs you may encounter as you build and grow your business.

We’ve carefully thought about:

  • the type of business you are building
  • how you run that business
  • how you may decide to charge your clients
  • what type of other service providers you might hire as your business grows
  • and all the legal documents you might need to protect yourself and your business in each of those relationships

You obviously want to protect yourself and your business. If you didn’t want legal protection, you wouldn’t be here in the first place!

But let’s be clear. These days, one document alone just won’t provide the basic legal protection you’re going to need now and in the future.

At Drafted Legal, we’re not interested in giving you just ONE piece of the legal protection puzzle.
We’re about bundling together ALL the documents you need to protect your business right from the start.

Everything You Need, Right from the Start


When you choose Drafted Legal, you’re opting for the smartest online DIY legal solution for small business owners.

When you join our family, you’ll get far more in return than digital paper and ink!

Here are four ways we stand out from the crowd when it comes to meeting your legal needs and exceeding your expectations.

#1 You’ll Get Immediate Access to the Most Important Documents You Need to Use in Your Business

When you invest in the Drafted Legal Templates Bundle, you get immediate access to all of the documents you need to protect your business in both your online and offline relationships. Each business industry is different, but let’s take a business coaching business to show you how we strategize our Templates Bundles. The Business Coach Templates include (shop here to find your industry and see which documents you will receive):

Business Coaching Agreement-to use with every coaching client

Independent Contractor Agreement – Coaching Services-to use with coaches you may hire to coach for you as you grow your business

Independent Contractor Agreement – Business Services-to use with anyone you hire to help support the administrative and marketing side of your business

Privacy Policy-to use on your website as required by law

Terms of Use-to use on your website to govern what visitors may and may not do or expect and to protect the content you publish

Employment Agreement-to use with employees when you need people to show up at the times and places you specify, whether online or offline

Non-Disclosure Agreement-to ensure that the people who are helping your build your business or the clients who participate in your programs don’t share, reveal, or steal the content you use to work with them

#2 Our “Quick Start Guide” Will Get You Up and Running…FAST

It explains everything about your Drafted Legal Templates, including:

How to Download and Organize Your Files so you’ll always have access to everything you need, now and in the future.

How to Know Which Documents to Use in Which Situation so that you’re not just getting a document to use once; you’re getting a legal toolkit full of templates that you will use over and over again.

An Overview of Each Document that explains what it is, what it does, why you need it, and when to use it.

A Checklist of Contents to help you be sure you’ve downloaded all the templates and instructions and watched all the instructional videos.

A Step-by-Step Guide to walk you through what to do first, what to do next, how and why to watch the videos, and how to get help if you need it.

#3 You Will Become Smart, Independent, and Able to Make the Best Decisions on How to Customize Your Templates to Your Specific Needs

At Drafted Legal, our goal is to make you independent.

Our business model is set up to provide everything you need.

We don’t want you to be confused and overwhelmed.

We don’t want you to depend on us for ongoing advice, subscribe to any monthly programs, or have to dish out hefty legal fees.

That’s why we’ve included educational videos and document overview guides that walk you through each document, section by section.


You’ll know what you are signing and what you are asking others to sign. (Heck, you’ll even be able to explain it to them if they have questions!)

If you prefer to read, rather than watch a video, each template comes with a Document Overview that explains what every single section means AND how to customize it to the specific needs of your business (such as setting up client payment agreements).

#4 You’ll Have Access to Help When You Need It

We’ve included everything you should ever need in order to customize the legal templates to your business needs…


You’ll get email access to help answer any questions about how to fill out the documents correctly for your specific business needs.

If you’ve gone through the Document Overview guides, watched the videos, and still have questions about how to customize your business legal templates, we’re here to help!

And that’s included in your Template Bundles!

But Do I REALLY Need All Those Documents?

You may think you only need one document right now.

After all, that’s what you’ve been searching for, right?

But legal protection for your business is like a good, satisfying meal.

The best way to enjoy a meal is to sit down and place your entire order. Appetizer. Salad. Main course. Maybe you’ll think about dessert at the end. But you place your order and you know that everything you want is coming your way.

The worst way to do it is to order one item at a time, pay for it, and order another. Imagine sitting down and ordering the appetizer ONLY. You wait for it to arrive, gobble it up, and discover, “Gosh, I think I’m still hungry.” So you take another look at the menu and say, “I think I’ll have that side salad.” You wait another 10 minutes, and out comes the salad. You eagerly eat the salad and say, “Yep. Still hungry.” You waive down the waiter and ask, “Can I see the menu again?”


And on you go with the main course, the desert, and, oh yes, after dinner coffee.

This second option takes WAY longer, is frustrating, and definitely not satisfying.

(Side note…obviously this is a pre-COVID metaphor. But imaging using this method with carry out or with Door Dash? That would be a NIGHTMARE!)

You wouldn’t order a meal a la carte, item by item.

Why would you do that with legal documents when eventually you’ll likely need them all?

So, now you might be thinking, “Well, this is getting overwhelming! Maybe I’ll just wait?”

You’re Right…It Would Be Easier to Do Nothing

All this legal stuff can become overwhelming.

So, it’s important to acknowledge that you have options.

Your first option really is to do ABSOLUTLEY NOTHING!

You could continue working without agreements (or maybe with a basic agreement you’ve “created yourself”) and take the chance that something goes wrong.

So, just in case you’re still on the fence about whether you really need to be using legal agreements in your business, let’s talk about that.

Whether you are working with clients, hiring other employees or independent contractors to expand your business, or hiring admin, marketing, or other help, you definitely need legal agreements.

To make a long story short…and to convince you that agreements really do matter, here are 17 great reasons you should be using Client and Independent Contractor Agreements in your business.

17 Reasons to Use Client and Contractor Agreements…Every Time

An agreement with a client or contractor:

  • Keeps you on the right side of the law by protecting your interests and making your rights and responsibilities clear.
  • Makes your relationship “professional” by having a documented agreement between all parties.
  • Outlines the scope of the work you will do so that you avoid “scope creep.”
  • Clarifies schedules, deadlines, penalties, policies, and practices so there are no doubts about how you expect to work together.
  • Makes payment terms absolutely clear so that you avoid uncomfortable misunderstandings and disagreements.
  • States your cancellation and refund policies so that clients know the rules.
  • Declares how disagreements or litigation will be handled and whether mediation is required.
  • Identifies the jurisdiction where disputes will be managed and which state’s laws will govern the interpretation of your agreement.
  • Helps you get paid on time and in the ways you require.
  • Minimizes disputes and legal problems that arise when your agreements with clients are not clear or are not officially agreed upon in writing.
  • Protects your intellectual property when you are creating or using content in the process of working with clients
  • Limits your liability so that you are not blamed or held financially responsible for things you shouldn’t be.
  • Creates clarity and certainty about deliverables and about your client relationship by getting everyone-literally-on the same page.
  • Sets clients’ expectations about how to work with you and the services or deliverables they will be receiving.
  • Holds your clients and your contractors accountable when you use contractor agreements to include others to help you deliver services to your clients.
  • Creates peace of mind for you and for your client-and we could all use more of that!
  • Helps you give good service and meet client expectations because you have set those expectations yourself.

Speaking of good service and client expectations, we’re out to raise the bar by creating these templates specifically for your business.

We also know that…

Yes, You Could Use a Service that Provides Generic Templates That Were NOT Designed with Your Business in Mind

But they are only going to give you the specific document you ask for.

You can pick and choose your generic templates one…at…a…time.

And hope they really do meet the needs of your business the way you need them to…in a way that genuinely protects your interests.

But one of the important choices you’ll need to make is how generic or how specific you want the legal templates you invest in to be.

Here at Drafted Legal, we don’t sell you generic templates that, when you read them, could belong to any type of business.

We’ve spent months developing templates specifically created to support your business.

(We do that with all our templates!)

Every set of templates we offer is custom-tailored to the industry you are in.

Whether you’re a life coach, business coach, marketing consultant, or dog walker, we’ve got a separate set of templates uniquely customized to fit the needs of your business.

That means when you invest in the Templates bundle that everything-the documents, the explanations, the instruction guide, and the video tutorials-are ALL geared toward building a coaching business and legally protecting a coaching business.

There’s nothing generic about it!

Even the Video Training is Tailored to the Business

That means that when you watch the video that explains your Client Agreement section-by-section, all the instruction is also catered to you…not just some gal or guy looking for a generic Client Agreement.

All our training is specific to your business.

If you want generic templates, go somewhere else.

If you want legal documents that reflect an understanding of your business, Drafted Legal was made for you.

And, Yes, You Could Just “Borrow” Someone Else’s Legal Agreement

Sure, some of it is “legalese” that you could “find anywhere on the Internet.”


But is that document tailored with your business in mind?

“Yes,” you exclaim, “because another coach is using it!”

Fair enough. (We’ll assume your high school English teacher covered everything you need to know about “borrowing” someone else’s work.)

As we’ve mentioned before, one agreement you find “out there” on the Internet is still just one piece of the puzzle.

Do you want just a piece of the puzzle?

Is a legal-document-scavenger-hunt-across-the-inter-webs what you’re really up for?

Or would it really be easier to get everything you need in just one place that has been tailor-made for a business like yours?

Another question that may be the most important one of all is…

What Type of Company Do YOU Want to Work With?

We’ve covered all your options so far…

  • You can choose to do nothing…and keep doing what you’ve been doing.
  • You can buy generic templates…a la carte…one by one…that aren’t designed with your business in mind.
  • You can “borrow” someone else’s legal agreement.
  • Or, you could get all your basic legal templates, designed for your business, including all the education you need to get it all done, right here, right now, stop surfing the Internet, and get started customizing templates for your business TODAY.

But maybe you’re still not sure just what kind of business you want to be working with?

How Our Values and Goals Make a Difference to Your Results

The table below outlines how we compare to the competition when it comes to billing, documents, education, wizardry, assistance, motivation, and level of customization.

Why We Exist

In short, Drafted Legal exists to help business owners and entrepreneurs like you get their businesses up and running the right way and as quickly as possible.

Why Our Competitors Exist

Our competition exists to get you started down the legal path so that they can create leads for the attorneys that are paying them to generate new business.

It’s as simple as that.


Do You Want to Get It Started or Get It DONE?

At Drafted Legal, our goal is to get you up and running with all the necessary documents you need to give you adequate legal protection once you’ve put them in place.

We don’t want you to just “get started.” We want you to get all your documents completed and implemented in your business.

That’s why we customize our templates to your business.

That’s why we give you a bundle of documents instead of a smorgasbord of random documents that you have to choose from.

Our guides and instructional videos are designed to answer all the questions you might have about each section of every document.

Unlike our competitors whose services are designed to get you started (so they can later refer you to an attorney in their network), our services are designed to help you get the job done so you don’t need a referral to ANYONE!


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