Is Your LLC a Multi-Member LLC?

Written by Wesley Henderson

May 28, 2023

At last, you finally have your own company.

You may have realized that being at the helm of a business can be challenging. Many time people choose to use another person or two to co-own and run the business.

Whenever there is more than one member (aka owner) of an LLC, it is referred to as a mult-member LLC (compared to a single-member LLC that just just one member).

If you’re not sure what a multi-member LLC is, keep reading to learn more!

A Multi-member LLC in a Nutshell

A multi-member LLC is an LLC consisting of more than one owner. The owners or members operate the LLC, sharing responsibilities like management and business decision-making.

Like a single-member LLC, a multi-member LLC has all the liability protection a corporation has. Decision-making is also faster in a multi-member LLC since there will just be a handful of you running the LLC.

What Do You Need To Start a Multi-member LLC?

The process for starting a multi-member LLC is identical to that of a single-member LLC. You do, however, need several documents to register your LLC.

That’s where a legal LLC template comes in handy. A legal LLC template has all the documents necessary to register your LLC.

When you choose ours, we will have your LLC filed in just seven business days!

Start an LLC today!

Starting a Multi-member LLC? Grab Our LLC Startup Template!

For less than $200, you can have your own multi-member LLC. When you get your startup templates, all you need to do is fill them out and file them — it’s easy!

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