5 Important Steps to Scale Your Business

Written by Wesley Henderson

December 18, 2021

Scaling your business is a gamechanger for business owners. This moment is what many business owners dream off. Set yourself up for success during this process by taking care of the following important steps.

1. Processes

Be dialed in on your processes whether they be selling products, courses, or the like. Make lists, checklists, and then more lists. Everything that can be reduced to paper as a step-by-step process should be. This allows you to teach other people how to do the same thing you have been doing. It requires painstaking detail in these steps and sometimes you don’t even realize you have a process until you try to teach it to a new employee (and you realize a lot more goes into it than you realized). Take the time to make these lists. They will make you more efficient and more scalable. Once you have the first draft, the hard part is done, you can then continually improve the process with minor tweaks.

Many companies can utilize software to streamline or automate certain processes. You should have a list of all your processes. This not only makes you more efficient as a business but it also simplifies the process of training employees and delegating.

2. A Team

You can’t—well, let me rephrase that, you shouldn’t—do it all alone. Make your life easier by having a good team in place. This could be contactors or even employees. Whether it’s virtual assistants, marketers, salespeople, etc., you will need other people to succeed and keep your sanity. Have a team in place that you can trust.

3. Brand and Content Protection

As you grow your brand, you must make sure the name is protected through trademarks. It’s better to be on the front end of this and protect your brand before you scale because it gets much more expensive to fix later on in the life of your business. You should also explore protecting your content through copyright protection.

4. LLC

Separate your personal liability from your business. LLC protection is maybe the best bang for your buck you can get in terms of peace of mind. The idea is that the business separates itself entirely from you as an individual. If there’s a lawsuit whether over an injury or a debt, you want to have the LLC as the sole defendant, not you personally.

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5. Legal Agreements

Set yourself up with success by having fair (but helpful) terms in place with your customers, contractors, and audience. Use attorney-drafted agreements for privacy policies, terms of use, contractor agreements and so.

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You never know when your business might get the opportunity to expand and scale. These tips can set you up to be able to scale whenever that opportunity arises. As you continue to grow as a business, taking care of so-called “housekeeping” matters early on will make your life easier and easier as you grow and seek new opportunities.

We’re cheering for you!


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