How to work from home as a nutritionist?

Written by Wesley Henderson

April 1, 2022

With more and more people leaving their brick-and-mortar businesses behind in favor of working from home, many industries are opening up to this new model. This new movement, combined with the increased interest in healthy living, makes now the perfect time for nutritionists to start working from home. Here are three helpful tips on working from home as a nutritionist.

Utilize your Website

When working as a nutritionist from home, your website will connect your business and prospective clients. Therefore, it is important to make your website as accessible as possible, which will, in turn, make your business run more efficiently. Perhaps you could include an intake form where clients may include their contact information and health goals. This would provide you with better insight into what they are looking for and how to help them best. You can also include information about you and your practice, which will let future clients know how your business is operated. Your website will most likely be the first interaction you have with your client, so make it an informative and enjoyable experience for them.

Video Conferences

Working from home calls for a new way to meet with clients. While telephone conferences are still an option, video conferencing allows you to meet with your client face to face from home. Using a platform like Zoom or Teams, you can see your client’s expressions to better gauge their wishes and desires in hiring a nutritionist. Clients will feel better knowing their concerns are being duly noted, and you will reap the benefit of knowing exactly their expectations.


Advertising is a crucial component to successfully working from home as a nutritionist. Advertising is essential to gaining clientele once you have your business set up and ready to start working from home. You can target your advertising by knowing who your audience is. For example, you could advertise on social media platforms, you could enhance your website to be more SEO (Search Engine Optimization) friendly, or you could hire an advertising agency to market your business. One of the most drawing factors is the flexibility that working as a nutritionist from home brings. Many people have hectic schedules, so meeting with a nutritionist online is an enticing factor, and thus you may want to advertise your flexibility.

Business License

Check with your local business license department (they can be surprisingly helpful) to see if you need a home occupation business license. It’s typically a simple process and small fee.

Take Advantage of Liability Protection with an LLC

LLCs are a convenient and inexpensive way to separate your business from you personally. Meaning that if there’s a lawsuit, debt, or other problem, the LLC is responsible and not you personally. LLCs can protect your car, home, bank accounts, etc.

image of llc business registered

Register your business with an LLC today and protect your personal assets!


Use Client Agreements with EVERY Client

Protect Your Business with Attorney Drafted Step 2, use attorney-drafted templates that are designed specifically for nutritionist. This will help see around corners and put in place appropriate disclaimers (sometimes they go without saying, but trust me, it’s better to just say it!). It’s important to set expectations with your clients to help the relationship be as positive and productive as possible. The nutritionist templates below address many of the things you may be thinking about but also things you haven’t yet considered. They are designed to prevent problems before they happen!

Get Nutritionist Templates Now

Stay healthy and best of luck!


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