How to start a successful health coach business?

Written by Wesley Henderson

April 4, 2022

With summer quickly approaching, many people are looking for ways to get in shape, whether for their health or swimsuit season. Therefore, now is a perfect time to start a health coach business. If you are interested in starting your own coaching business, here is a quick guide to help you get started.

Get Certified

The first step in starting a successful health coaching business would be to become a certified health coach. Numerous online programs will provide you with the appropriate training and will provide you with a certificate upon completion of the program. A certificate will prompt prospective clients to trust and choose you over other online health coaches. Certification will also allow you to become better aquatinted with the industry and possibly help you find a niche area that will attract specific clients.

Create a Business Plan

Once you have narrowed down what kind of health coach you want to be, the next step would be to create a business plan to help you achieve your goals. This process would include determining the logistics of starting a health coach business, such as what business model you will use, your company’s name, website creation, bank account and payment information, etc. By deciding on these factors early, you can set yourself up for success when your business takes off.

Find your Audience for Your Health Coach Business

Once you have your business plan in place, the next step is to target your desired audience. Perhaps you are looking to target a specific age range or a niche group of people looking for health coaches. Whatever your target audience is, you should ask how you will advertise to the desired group. For example, suppose you are attempting to attract a younger group. In that case, you should consider setting up a social media presence and advertising across different platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, or Facebook. Or, if you want to establish an online presence, looking into paid advertisements on the major search engines might be beneficial. By specifying your target audience, you can create a marketing strategy to help increase your business and build a successful health coaching business.

Use an LLC to Separate Your Business

LLCs are a great bang for your buck. They separate your business from you personally. That means disgruntled clients, vendors, employees etc target the LLC and not your individual assets.

File Here

image of llc business registered

Register your business with an LLC today and protect your personal assets!


Add Disclaimers to Your Client Agreements

It’s important that your clients know what you can do for them, but also what you CANNOT do for them. That’s what disclaimers are! You are a health coach, not a magician (or physician). Put the onus on your client for results while letting them know you can help them get there. You also want to disclaim that you are not a physician. Watch this quick video to understand health disclaimers.

Use Smart Payment Strategies to Get Paid Every Time

Payment. It’s the business side of your passion. You have to get payment to keep your passion going. There are smart ways to ensure that you get paid every time.

Use our attorney-drafted templates that are designed specifically for health coaches with smart clauses to set you and your client up for success (and make sure you get paid)

Download Now!

Pro Tip: Make sure you have an attorney fees clause in every client agreement. 

Get Reviews from Every Happy Client

Reviews are one of the best ways to make your clients feel comfortable about hiring you. You want to keep reviews frequent as most prospective clients look for recent reviews. Try to get one every month!

Best of luck!


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