How To Make Money Blogging

Written by Wesley Henderson

June 29, 2022

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Over the past years, blogging has been greatly simplified, thanks to platforms such as Blogger and WordPress, which allow you to create a personalized blog and begin writing on your chosen topic as quickly as possible. While blogs have been around for nearly thirty years, their popularity has increased and has become a great way to earn money. With inflation rising, many are looking for creative ways to generate income, and blogging is a perfect way to make some extra money. So, if you operate a blog or are thinking of starting one, here are a few ways to make money as a blogger.

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Blogging has become a great way to make money once you know how to monetize a blog.

Write Sponsored Product Reviews

While delivery methods may have changed over the years, the success of many companies worldwide still relies on word of mouth. As such, many brands are willing to pay for people to review their products on different social media platforms, including blogs. Brands will typically pay you to publish a review of a specific product and write about how your personal experience with the product.

You can take advantage of this by reaching out to brands and asking if they are interested in sponsoring a product review on your website. However, you should take into consideration the genre of site you operate when looking to write a sponsored product review. For example, a fishing company is unlikely to pay for a sponsored review of a new fishing reel if you have a fashion blog.

Helpful tip: When writing a review, be honest about your opinion of the product and clearly disclose if you are being paid to write a product review.

Sell Advertising Placements

Similar to product reviews, many brands are willing to pay bloggers to advertise their products or company on their websites. If there is unused space on your webpage, brands will pay you an agreed-upon amount to lease that section of your blog to advertise to your blog’s readers. This space is usually on your homepage at the bottom or along the sides of your blog. There are two main ways you can take advantage of this option:

  • You could use a network like Google AdSense, which would allow an advertising platform to sell the ad placement, and you would receive payment from the network.
  • You could communicate with the brand directly, which would provide you with more control over what you advertise and how much you receive for the advertisement.

Helpful tipYou should consider this blog on how to make your own more SEO friendly, which will help to increase its internet presence.

Sell Products

With more people abandoning physical stores in favor of online shopping, blogs can be the perfect marketplace for online shoppers. By marketing products on your site, whether they be digital or physical items, your readers will have the ability to buy things directly from you, online. You can create your own merchandise or partner with a brand to market their items on your blog. These products can range from digital printables and online courses to physical items like clothing and accessories. Before selling any products on your site, it is important to consider your readers, their interests, and what they would likely want to purchase. Doing this will help ensure the success of your business venture.

Helpful tip: If you have sponsorships on platforms like Instagram or a blog, read about these disclosures that you must make.

How to Monetize a Blog Video

Once you start to make money as a blogger, make sure you’ve done the four important things needed to legally protect your business. Alternatively, use a lawyer.


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