Fitness Templates


Health & Fitness Templates are for personal trainers, health coaches, and other fitness industry businesses. Health & Fitness Templates address concerns from payment to injury and everything in between. Start your relationship with your client on the right foot by setting clear expectations (and also protecting you and your personal assets in the event something goes wrong).


When you work with a client, you need confidence, dedication, and focus. There is no room for uncertainty when training the mind and body. The same is true for your business documents. That’s where Drafted Legal’s Health & Fitness Templates come in.

What is the Health & Fitness Templates?

Drafted legal has designed contracts, instructional videos, and checklists with fitness coaches in mind – all prepared by actual lawyers. The package allows you to utilize what you need and get back to the rest on your own timeline. You will also learn the foundations of business law along the way.

Why Use Drafted Legal?

Because contracts matter. Customers, sponsors, licensing agencies, employees, landlords, and everyone else needs to understand the rules of the game. Contracts simply spell out the promises you and your partners make. They also help avoid ambiguities that might cause problems later. By taking care of business on the front end, you never have to worry about costly misunderstandings later.

It’s Easy!

Our process is easy to use and totally customizable – spend minutes or hours depending on your needs. You’ll have the legal tools you need at your fingertips whenever you need it. use Drafted Legal to do it right the first time and