Health and Wellness Disclaimer Examples

Written by Wesley Henderson

May 28, 2023

Are you a coach in the health and wellness space?

Your goal when you started coaching was probably to help clients achieve their health and fitness goals. However, because of the services you offer, your clients may be under the impression that you assume all responsibility for their health. As a result, you may be liable when they fail to see results or sustain illness or injuries.

Luckily, you can protect yourself. By having health and wellness disclaimers on your business site, social media accounts, and client intake forms, you’ll not only clarify what you offer. By doing so, you will be reminding your clients of where your responsibilities begin and end.

As a result, you’ll protect yourself from all liability.

However, what do the health and wellness disclaimers look like? Where do you include them? Are there some examples you can follow?

We answer these questions and more. Follow along and learn everything you need to know about health and wellness disclaimers.

What Are Health and Wellness Disclaimers?

Health and wellness disclaimers are statements. They tell your clients about the potential risks associated with using your services and information. These disclaimers free you from any liability if your clients experience negative results from their use of your service, product, or information.

When a client signs an intake form or listens to your podcast with your disclaimer on it, they willingly assume responsibility for anything that can happen. As a result, you will not risk a lawsuit if your client suffers an injury or any negative result from your service or content.

Why Are Health and Wellness Disclaimers Necessary for Coaches?

Disclaimers are essential because of the nature of the services you render. As a coach who provides physical and online health and wellness services, you are vulnerable to lawsuits and legal claims. With a disclaimer, you can shift responsibility to a client and protect yourself from legal issues that may arise.

For example, if your client sustains an injury during an online workout session, they can blame and sue you for not providing adequate guidance. However, if they signed a form with your disclaimer included, you make it clear that the client assumes all risks and liabilities associated with the program. As a result, you will not be liable for any negative outcomes.

What Are Some Health and Wellness Disclaimer Examples?

You can phrase your disclaimers in several ways. You just need to state that your service or information isn’t a substitute for professional medical treatment. Also, be sure to say that you make no guarantees or promises about the results of your program, podcast, blog, or service.

Most importantly, state that your client assumes liability for any negative result arising from the misuse of your product, information, or service.

Here are some health and wellness disclaimer examples that have the necessary elements mentioned:

  • “The information provided by the health and wellness coach is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.”
  • “Participating in this program may involve physical activity and exercise that could potentially result in injury or harm. By participating, you assume all risks and liabilities associated with the program.”
  • “The health and wellness coach makes no guarantees or promises regarding the results you will achieve from participating in their program or services.”

You can have any of the above in your intake forms, site, or podcast. If you prefer, you can incorporate all three health and wellness disclaimer examples to fully protect yourself from a lawsuit.

Where Should You Display Your Health and Wellness Disclaimers?

As much as possible, you must have your disclaimers in every material you offer your clients. These materials can include your intake forms, your website, and your social media page or accounts.

If you have a podcast or blog, you must also present your disclaimers in those. After all, a client or listener can still sue you for any outcome resulting from the use of your information.

There’s a lot to consider about where and when to include disclaimers. Luckily, we can help.

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