Get an EIN Number for Your LLC

Written by Wesley Henderson

May 11, 2021

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Sole Proprietor’s do not need an EIN. But, most Sole Proprietors really don’t need to be doing business without an LLC. Here’s why.

An EIN is like a business’s social security number. It tells the IRS who the business is. Single-member LLCs don’t always require them. But, we tend think it’s a good idea to get an EIN for the LLC. A lot of banks require it for a business account and a separate business bank account is very important not only for good business practices but also for maintaining your LLC liability protection.

Obtaining an EIN takes about 5 minutes online. Get a pen to write it down because it will be given instantaneously. You can also screenshot it. Only go through the IRS website found here. It will ask you your social security number so make sure you are inputting this information only on the IRS.



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