About Drafted Legal

Do you want these 3 things?…

  • Protection for your business with a solid legal foundation
  • The best legal documents without the expense of an attorney
  • Peace of mind so you can focus on your business

What if there was a way to protect your business with legal templates that are so personal to you it is like having your own attorney at a fraction of the price? Documents created by an actual practicing business attorney who understands everything you are going through, as well as the challenges you haven’t come across yet. Would that give you peace of mind?

Business Owners, Like You

Small businesses are the heartbeat of all communities, and I am passionate about guiding them to success.  Working every day as a business attorney in a successful family owned boutique law firm gives me a unique perspective on start-ups and small businesses that larger companies and non-practicing lawyers just can’t get.

As Personal As You Can Get

The templates are extensive and personally written by me, with all the details carefully crafted to cover everything you will need right now, as well as challenges you have not yet discovered. I provide startups and entrepreneurs a solid legal foundation for their business without the need to hire an expensive attorney, and I am so committed to your success that myself and my team are available to answer questions so you get the legal structure you need to grow strong and free.

We Want You to Succeed

When you reach the next stage of your business, we would love to welcome you as a client, knowing you have your legal foundations in place. Much of the work we do today is to cover people who went down the wrong path at the start – get on the right path now so I don’t have to sort this out later.

OUR Mission

“Our mission is to help small businesses, entrepreneurs, and freelancers start their businesses right; by providing them with all the legal documents they need to startup legally, pre-drafted by real-life attorneys.”


Without an Expensive Attorney

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“My grandfather preached to find what you love to do and be the best you can at it.”

Wofford College, 2007, Magna Cum Laude

University of South Carolina, J.D., 2010, JB Ness Scholarship Recipient 

Community & Honors 

40 Under 40, Class of 2021, Business Journal

Leadership in Law, 2020 Award Winner, South Carolina Lawyers Weekly

Driving for Downs, A South Carolina Nonprofit Corporation, Founder, Chairman

Salvation Army, Advisory Board Member


Driven by his passion for and experience in running a small business, Wesley understands what it takes to start and run a lean business, and is passionate about helping other businesses do the same. He is also a practicing attorney, and is trusted by everyone from mom and pops to multi-million dollar companies to draft legal documents to ensure their businesses are covered. 

Wesley spent the beginning of his career working for a big law firm, but ultimately felt unfulfilled. It was then that he realized his passion was to use his big law firm experience to help small business owners live out their own dreams. That passion fueled him to start his own practice with his brother, Henderson and Henderson

And that’s what makes Drafted Legal unique: You get access to legal templates on a startup budget, but if you’re ever in over your head, you can get help from a real life attorney, too.

Wesley graduated magna cum laude from Wofford College before receiving his law degree from the University of South Carolina School of Law where he was awarded the Justice J.B. Ness Scholarship. Wesley is a South Carolina Bar Certified Mediator. He and his wife live in Charleston, South Carolina with their two sons (and third on the way).


Available for speaking to any business group, podcasts or YouTube channels.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who drafted my documents?

All Drafted Legal templates and documents were drafted by Wesley Henderson, esq., founder of Drafted Legal. Wesley is able to draw from his extensive legal experience working for a large corporate law firm, as well as in a smaller private practice as an entrepreneur. He bootstrapped the formation of his own law firm, Henderson & Henderson, and has helped hundreds of family and single-owner businesses, so he truly understands the need - and struggles - of starting a business. He currently works with multi-million dollar companies as their counsel, and counsels businesses from the startup side and the legal side. He is uniquely situated to provide you with the best clauses, strategies, and business practices for winning with your business.

What's Wesley's "Why"?

Let’s ask him. “1. My wife and boys...they are my everything and everything I do prioritizes them. 2. Being a business owner changed my life. I can boil it down to two powerful impacts it had in my life: purposeful work and freedom with money and time. I believe that leaving the big law firm and stepping out on my own (with not a single client on day 1!), while incredibly scary and difficult, changed the course of my life and the fulfillment I have each day. My why is to help as many people as I possibly can achieve that same purpose and freedom...and Drafted Legal (along with my law firm) is how I play an important role in helping you get there.”

Who is Drafted Legal for?

If you are searching for a purposeful business that gives you freedom of time and money, then Drafted Legal is for you. If you aren’t ready to spend thousands on hiring a lawyer but you still want a comprehensive legal approach that gives you peace of mind, then Drafted Legal is for you.

How do I know if I'm doing this right?

Our videos and instructional material will walk you through each step and explain each clause with corresponding action steps. If you read all of the material and watch the videos and still have questions, please contact us at info@draftedlegal.com and we will answer your questions.

Should I hire an attorney?

Yes, you should. A good business lawyer is a great investment in your business. If you don’t, get Drafted Legal. We understand that many entrepreneurs running side businesses realistically don’t have a legal budget. Drafted Legal is designed for everyone that doesn’t yet have a personal attorney in the budget but wants a comprehensive legal strategy to protect their business and personal assets (and also save endless hours online trying to make sense of all the different legal advice out there). Our Business Law 101 course teaches you how to know when hiring a lawyer is a must and when it isn’t.

Is Wesley my lawyer?

No. Unless you hire Wesley through his law firm, Henderson & Henderson, he is not your attorney. You can learn more about hiring Wesley as your lawyer.