8 Top Trending Business Ideas in 2022

Written by Wesley Henderson

November 10, 2022

Looking for a new career or just a part-time way to supplement income? Online business ideas are thriving and on the rise. Being able to work from home and the hours that are convenient for you is a luxury that could become a reality. Below are top trending business ideas in 2022.

Search Engine Optimizer

You will notice that search engines, such as Google, rank online webpages. You type in “Best running shoes” and articles, shoe stores, and videos populate. You probably will click on the first few pages that have key terms you want such as “Best Running Shoes 2022.” Online searching is one of the main ways that people discover new businesses, blogs, and content. Therefore, everyone wants their website to be higher on a search engine’s rank and be the first one people see when researching. Search Engine Optimizers help webpage owners be at the top of the list and get more viewers on their site.

Online Shop Owner

In today’s economy, finding a storefront to rent online can dig deep into a businesses startup costs. Online stores, however, are a miniscule price in comparison to this brick and mortar cost. Online stores can host both physical and digital products. You can test out the water to see how the market reacts to your product before investing in an entire warehouse full of inventory. More local and handmade products are being made with an online storefront, owners are able to see their dreams come alive.

Graphic Designer

Whether a startup keychain business or a long standing coffee shop, everyone needs a design for their company or business. However, not everyone has the artistic or aesthetic design abilities. Graphic designers are needed to develop new designs for apparel, logos, and everything in between. This design could be used for years or just a promotional advertisement. Either way, graphic designers are in demand!

Website Developer

What started as a Facebook page business has now developed into needing an entire website. You know how to use Facebook, the basics are there for you: take a picture, write a description, and post. Your messages are piling up and you can’t seem to track how many orders are coming. You need a website but have no idea where to begin. A website designed will be able to help customize your website to accommodate your exact needs. Customers will be able to find you easier while you are able to better handle the intake. A win win.

Social Media Manager

It may seem a little silly to have a social media manager, right. All you have to do is take a picture and post it, your audience will just come. However, it’s one thing to have social media accounts for your business, it’s a completely different thing to be in touch with the trends and connect with your target audience. With the constant evolution of what is popular and wanted, businesses need to stay up to date on how to get people’s attention. You see now even college football teams are using tik tok to gain attention to their program. A social media manager will ensure your business never falls behind with the latest and most effective marketing strategy.

Virtual Assistant

Q: “What exactly do you do?”

A: “Well, funny you should ask. Half of my job I am a recruiter and the other half I am answering my emails.”

It’s funny to joke about, but the reality is that many business owners and employees are bogged down with simple tasks that by themselves are not time consuming, but in conjunction with bigger projects get overwhelming. Everyone seems to need a response right away, but you can’t just completely stop what you’re doing to reply. Tasks such as replying to emails, writing correspondence, researching, or entering data could be done by a virtual assistant and help alleviate workload from others.

Online Coaching

It seems like everyone is trying to drop a few pounds, especially with holidays right around the corner. With so many contradicting opinions about what the best diet is, people get lost on who to believe. Many have turned to online nutrition coaches to balance their nutrients with their physical activity and get correct information. These coaches might have certifications or have just done free online courses. Online coaching helps those with the need for accountability with weekly updates and check-ins for clients.

Online Blogger

Blogs can be about literally anything: best places to travel alone, luxury makeup dupes, why the Panthers have a problem with keeping coaches (just kidding). Chances are, there is an audience out there that will read your blog. Readers value honesty and can tell when a blogger puts their time and effort into a post. Bloggers can later attract businesses and gain promotional deals with companies.


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