5 Tips to make your blog more SEO friendly

Written by Wesley Henderson

January 30, 2022

Whether you are writing a blog to promote your business or describe your day-to-day life, bloggers are always looking to increase their viewers. One of the easiest ways to achieve this goal is to make your blog more SEO-friendly. But how do you do this? Here is some helpful information to get you started.


To make your blog more SEO-friendly, it is important to first understand how search engines work. Search engines, such as Google or Yahoo, use bots to constantly look over the codes of each URL they come by. This process is called crawling, and once this stage is completed, all the collected information is categorized into relevant genres. So, when someone begins a search, based on the words used, the search engine will rank the websites into what best answers their search.

Knowing this, here are five helpful tips to make your blog more SEO Friendly.


When writing your blog, it is important to remember that search engines review your blog’s content, searching for keywords to use in their search results. So, to increase your ranking in search results, try using keywords throughout your blog to increase your blog’s exposure. For example, if you are writing a blog about how to make a holiday wreath for your front door, you may want to include terms like “DIY,” “holiday wreaths,” and “arts and crafts” to help reach your target audience.


Books are often judged by their titles, and blogs are no different. When coming up with a title, try to be creative and descriptive. If you incorporate the subject of your blog into the title, you are inherently making your blog more SEO-friendly. Using keywords in your title allows search engines to categorize your blog correctly and reach your target audience. Additionally, if you make your title catchy or intriguing, readers are more likely to read your blog post, thus increasing your internet exposure.

3. SUBSECTIONS (like this one!)

In the age of instant gratification, viewers are increasingly skimming blogs until they reach the part they are looking for. To help make it easier on both viewers and search engines, you may want to consider adding subsections to your blogs. By separating your blog post into subsections, you can control the categorization of your blog. Subsections ensure that search engines appropriately categorize your blog, which can improve your blog’s ranking in relevant searches.

4. URLs

URLs are often unnecessarily long, which can aggravate users and search engines. Shortening URLs means that extra characters are eliminated, and the code is simplified, making the link easier to share on social media and easier to find on a search engine. Most bloggers tend to run their blogs through platforms, such as WordPress or Blogger, and many of these host sites provide the option to shorten your URL. So, if you have the ability, it is recommended that you trim your URL to help make your blog more SEO-friendly.


If you have tried all the options mentioned above, or if you are looking for immediate results, there is the option of paying for advertisements. Bloggers can pay for SEO advertising which would put your blog higher in search ranks. This option is especially beneficial if your blog faces heavy competition from other blogs. An example of SEO advertising would be if you look up GrubHub on Google, the first website you will see is DoorDash, and underneath the link, it will say “Ad.” This example shows that DoorDash paid for advertising to list their company first in any search for GrubHub. Although this may not be necessary for some blogs, it is certainly a viable way to make your blog more SEO-friendly.

Hope this helps! Best of luck building your business.


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